I Guess This is Moving On

People have asked me quite a bit lately, “So, why China?,” and I always give them the same answer – I saw a good deal and figured why not. And while that’s true, it’s not the real reason I decided to take a completely random trip to China.

The Journey

Each time I feel knocked down, the wind taken out of me, when all I want to do is curl in a ball and never get back up, I have to remember, this is part of the journey. The journey to finding myself. And it may take a lifetime.

Finding Hope

How is that, even though I’ve experienced some of the happiest days of my life this year, all I seem to hang on to are the saddest days? Anyone who knows me knows that I am an optimistic person – I always find the silver lining. I always find the lesson, and find a way to move on. And I’ve done this through far, far worse years, so feeling stuck like this just makes me more upset, because I seem to have lost control over my own healing process.

Learning a Hard Lesson

I’ve let myself become small. I’ve let myself get wrapped up by other people, not just this last time, but every time. I tolerate things that I would never tolerate in other situations. I don’t stand up for or advocate for myself that way I constantly advise others to. I’ve let this fear of being alone take over my life, and in a way, forget who I am.

Go. Do. LIVE.

Here’s the thing with travel. If you can physically and financially do it, go. Don’t wait for the time to be right or to take care of this or that at home first. Take the plunge and go.

Tiny Bucket Life

Basically, we all have a bucket and a dipper. The dipper can fill a bucket or empty a bucket, based on our words and actions. Some people have big buckets and some people have small buckets.

Learnings from Down Under Pt. 2

These posts have been slightly depressing, but they’re not meant to be. This trip was amazing – what I have learned may have come out of the less fun parts of the trip, but that’s usually how we learn.

Learnings from Down Under Pt. 1

Traveling all over Australia and New Zealand in just over 3 weeks by myself is not a vacation. It was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting, and when I say I’ve learned things, I mean I’ve learned things about myself and travel and things that go much deeper than packing tips (although I certainly have some of those).

Let’s Inspire Each Other

Look closer. Ask questions. Be present. Be inspired – but don’t be jealous – and know that we’re all in this together, and it’ll be way easier to get through life if we’re there for each other and not just curating a life behind a screen.